Google Analytics is a great analytical tool that provides invaluable insights and allows website owners to collect data and information from the visitors of their websites. It is a platform that has been used by millions of businesses and individuals worldwide and all over the African continent to aid brands to study their website insights and online marketing campaigns. In a previous article, I wrote about how a business can gain valuable visitor insights by using google analytics within their website. In this article, we list down  9 advantages you will gain from using google analytics generated from your websites online to grow your business.

1. Optimizing a business's marketing campaign online can be a tremendous task and an uphill battle that a number of Ugandan companies that are yet to establish themselves in the market face. With google analytics, it is simple and easy to know how your marketing campaigns are performing with greater insights. Google analytics can give your business the right direction with your online advertising. Google Analytics data helps boost and optimize your online marketing strategies with the data and insights it provides. This makes the brand and business decision-making process in terms of advertising more data-driven and straightforward. Marketing decisions cannot be made on guesswork and impulse since the insights, knowledge, and data is generated in real-time.

2. It highlights areas where you can improve your website. 

Google analytics enables a website owner to understand how visitors navigate and access the company website. It also highlights and displays webpages with the highest bounce rate. This eventually leads to a loss in potential clients since they will have only taken a small glimpse of the goods and services that your company offers. The analytics generated by google also gives you a better understanding of the kind of content that your potential customers are looking for and what information you should provide them via email or through forms and chats that you will have with potential clients.

3. It lets you know what the leading channels to accessing your website are.

Using Google Analytics lets you know which channels are leading people to your websites, such as social media, emails, or landing pages. This is helpful in a number of different ways. For example, if a large amount of traffic is coming in through social media channels, you might want to focus your resources on those areas or the specific social media channel that is generating your business that traffic.

4.Target Audience Identification.

Google analytics enables a company to identify different target audiences and demographics of potential clients and leads that access their content. Not only does it enable a website owner to identify the target audience that is accessing the website, it also gives greater detail and understanding of the target audience like the location, age, gender and interests they have. This will enable a brand or business to run better marketing campaigns.

5. Google Analytics is a free and easy tool to use.

Google Analytics is a free and easy platform that your brand can easily set up and utilize to understand the traffic that your website generates. All a business owner needs is a Google account and an existing website. After providing your website information to Google, you will be provided a tracking code you can add to the header tag of your website, which Google will use to begin tracking data from your website and its viewers. Google analytics dashboard is very user-friendly. This will make the user experience for your marketers pleasant since the dashboard is easy to use and understand.

6. It gives your website better analytical metrics and reports.

Coming up with analytical insights, data presentation, metrics and statistics from your company website can be a tedious task. Google Analytics provides you free online analytical reporting, lists, data representation in tabular, graphical and spreadsheet formats. Forms, lists, charts, graphs and pie chart illustrations can all be generated for your business or brand in real-time, instantly within seconds. On top of the great data representation. The traffic source, traffic volume, different days and time that your website is accessed will be displayed along with very many other important metrics. This, therefore, makes the reporting process for your marketing team much easier since all this is achieved within real-time. 

7. It provides invaluable insights.

Google Analytics provides website owners with a number of options that they can use to optimize their marketing campaigns. Google Analytics is a platform with a plethora of features that helps advertisers to track how long a visitor remained on their website, the number of people that visited their page, the bounce rate the website gets and the user information and demographics of the people accessing the business website.

8.It provides statistics In Real Time.

Another advantage of using google analytics is that it provides insights and traffic statistics of your website in real-time. This helps, businesses and brands to be able to evaluate how their marketing campaigns are performing live and what changes and adjustments they can make to improve their marketing campaigns.

9.It collects statistics on multiple websites that you own.

Google Analytics can be used to track the performance of multiple websites that an individual or an organization owns, making it easier to manage the different campaigns on the different websites that your company manages.