Google ads is an internet advertising platform Google developed in the early 2000s for individuals, companies, and advertisers to display advertisements of their products, services, and offerings online in form of brief display ads through display banners, mobile application installs, cookies, video and image content within the Google Network to the billions of users on the network worldwide and also within a specific country, district or town the business operates in.­­­

Google Ads have become one of the biggest most effective online platforms that businesses use to advertise their businesses online. In fact, Google makes almost on average close to 100 billion $ every year from Google Adver­­­­­­ts because of the nature of their effectiveness.

Google adverts are not just a worldwide trend but in fact, a number of African businesses as well as Ugandan businesses have joined the Google advertising platform because of its effectiveness and simplicity in which it can grow your customer base.

Google adverts are used alongside google analytics to build awareness and acquire user interest from users within the Google network. The behavior of the users, when interacting and engaging with the advert, is studied and various marketing strategies, campaigns, and tailor-made adverts are generated in order to try and convert the user who is a potential customer into a client that can provide income for the goods and services that are being advertised by a business using google ads.

How google adverts are distributed and displayed

Google ads are distributed in google search results where the advertiser chooses specific keywords related to his business, products, and services. These adverts come in the form of suggestions on the results of google search. For example, if a user needs engineering services and he searches for engineering services on google, an advertiser signed up with google ads that has specified engineering services as a keyword will have his company portfolio or advert displayed within this search. These Google ads can also be distributed locally within a country or a specific district and also internationally.

Google also strategically positions an ad on its network known as the content network or google display network which is an affiliation of websites, relevant pages, and blogs that have signed up for Google AdSense. These partner websites and the blogs that display google ads receive a share of the income generated from the adverts under the google network with the help of Google AdSense. The adverts are also strategically positioned in websites that have similar interests where your target viewers that already have interests in your particular products and services can view them. These websites usually have high traffic and viewers so your advert will be easily seen by a big number of viewers and the interested viewers will click on your advert or link which will direct them to your website or campaign and promotions page where they can possibly pick an interest in your products and then eventually buy them.

There are a number of ways a company can pay for google adverts.

Pay per click: This is a service an advertiser or business pays for when an internet user clicks on their advertisement. The advertiser pays a specified fee that could range between 0.02 dollars to 1 dollar depending on the effectiveness of the ad for each time a potential client clicks on their ad which will divert the user to the advertiser’s website

cost-per-acquisition. This is the cost an advertiser incurs to convert a potential client who has clicked an ad into a client or customer.

Cost-per-thousand impressions. This is a metric of the cost an advertiser incurs for a thousand users on the google network that have seen and engaged with the advert.