Google promotions extension is an exciting promotion extension tool that can be added to your google adverts. The extension is added to google search networks and results to highlight your business sales promotions for users looking for the best deals that your business can offer.

In this article, we shall discuss how best your business can use and benefit from setting up Google promotions extensions.

How Promotion Extension Campaigns are displayed

The Google promotion extensions help to display your business promotions offers and prices below your google advert. The goal of showing your business offers is to show your potential clients the best deals your business offers and to hurry while stocks last. They are usually displayed in an easy to read format that catches the eye of your google adverts viewers. 

An example of the Google Promotions Extensions

Special offers on special occasions and days like Valentine's day, back-to-school promotions, black Friday and Mother's day are displayed in bold letters in the google search results right next to your promotions advert. The advert also includes about 2 lines of information about your promotion. Not only are the promotion details in a bold display to stand out from the rest of the ad, but the ad is also clickable so that when it is clicked your potential client is redirected to the special offers you have on your business website.

The Google promotions extension ad is also flexible and can be displayed on both mobile and desktop browser searches. The promotions adverts normally appear on the top and bottom of the google search results page.

When to use Google Promotion Extension Ad.

The Google promotion extensions are normally used to attract potential customers searching for relevant affordable offers and deals from your business. A lot of customers normally can’t wait for that time of the year when almost every business is offering a discount, like black Friday. That is why it is important for your business to be relevant on such marketing days for it creates brand awareness and provides better visibility on the market away from your business competitors since you will be utilizing the power of the promotions ad extensions that will make your business stand out from the rest.

Promotions extension black Friday offer

Benefits of using the Google Promotions Extention

Below are good reasons your company should consider using The Google Promotion Extension.

It leads to a higher click-through rate.

A recent study done by amaze metric shows that using the google ads promotion extension increases a website's click-through rate by ten percent. This leads to more traffic on your business website from high quality qualified leads that can easily be converted into revenue-generating clients for your business.

It is easy to set up, use, edit and update.

Setting up a promotions extension ad is a very simple and easy task. Most special occasions and dates are already included for you on the google calendar. And changes can be made to your promotions without losing any data.

Optimization for both Mobile and Desktop Search:

The Google promotion extensions ads can be displayed on both mobile search and desktop search on the Google search engine.

Flexible scheduling: 

Google promotions extensions can be created and used on special occasion days like boxing day, Christmas and new year celebrations. With this Google Ad tool, it is easy to create a campaign and schedule it within the date of the occasion. After the promotion days are over the promotions adverts will be automatically stopped on the specified period set by the advertiser and the advertiser will therefore not be charged for any extra costs when the promotion has been automatically ended. An example of a scheduled promotion for new years can run from December 1st to February 28th, next year.

Start to End Date of promotions extension

Cost of clicks:

Google promotions extensions are technically free to add to your Google AdWords campaigns. The advertiser is only charged when a viewer clicks on the promotions campaign and is redirected to the promotions on the advertiser's website. This makes Google promotions extensions a very affordable and costly method of running your business special offers and promotions.

Additional Resources

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