Conversational marketing is a personalized digital marketing approach aimed at establishing a connection and relationship with potential clients and customers that engage and interact with your company online. It is a powerful tool that can improve your customer's online experience with your business and its channels that include social media handles and websites. 

Conversational marketing gives your website’s visitors and viewers a more natural and personal interaction with your brand. It is indeed one of the fastest and most immediate ways to engage potential clients and offer support to already existing customers through the chatbots and forms available on your website.

It is a fast way to convert a potential customer into a revenue-generating client for your business. One on one engagement with an interested potential client will give him more assurance and will leave him more satisfied with the services that your company offers.

With conversational marketing, you get immediate hands-on information and feedback straight from the potential client. What makes this marketing strategy more amazing is that this happens instantly at the time your lead is engaging with your business through its digital channels.

 Since conversational marketing has proved to be an effective digital advertising strategy over time that companies have used to build relationships with potential clients and already established customers who are using the company services, today we delve deep into the nitty-gritty of this essential digital marketing strategy that your business should certainly use to provide better service delivery and faster client handling in order for a business to sell more products faster.

Examples of conversational marketing tools


A chatbot is an artificially intelligent messaging application used to provide auto-generated or preprogrammed responses to customers and visitors of your brand’s digital channels. Chatbots are normally visible on websites. They directly appear on the homepage of a website.

Live Chat

Live Chat is a messaging application software that can be added to your website to enable website viewers, customers, users and potential clients to send direct messages to your brand's team in real-time.

It is a very popular feature of conversational marketing because visitors and customers can get feedback and answers to any of their inquiries right away from the sales and customer support team.

How Conversational Marketing Is Changing the Way Your Customers Buy

Ever since messaging and social media communications applications were created at the beginning of the 21st-century, people have gotten hooked to chat platforms since they are a fast and flexible way to communicate and share conversations. Recent survey from campaign monitor today shows that the average email open rate is now below 20%. This therefore has resulted in the need for businesses to shift their focus to utilizing more conversational marketing tools. 

Furthermore, the internet is now more circulated with a lot of content than ever before and internet users today are spoilt for choice with a number of ads, promotions, products and services being offered by tonnes of competing brands. A survey done by wordstream indicates an average conversion rate of 2.35% of potential buyers on the internet into real buyers,  businesses need to have an edge over other competing brands and there is no other better strategy than the personalized approach offered by conversational marketing tools.

Employing a more personalized marketing approach may be just what you need to convert your potential buyers on the internet into revenue-generating clients. What other better way would a buyer feel more comfortable to purchase a product online after speaking with a sales representative on live chat immediately after accessing their business’s digital channels.

Current trends in digital marketing also indicate that nurtured leads increase your business sales opportunities versus leads that are unattended to. This makes conversational marketing an invaluable tool that can collect customer data in the shortest possible period of time that will triple your business conversation rates significantly and lead to the growth in sales and revenue for your business.