Google Adwords formerly known as Google ads or Google adverts is a worldwide internet advertising platform run by Google services that display adverts for companies, businesses, Individuals and brands on the Google content network and Google search engine. The adverts are displayed on affiliate websites on the Google ads network through website banners, cookies, text, images, and video content. They are also displayed on Google search engine results, YouTube videos and mobile applications that are subscribed to the Google ads network which has billions of users online. In the previous article, I wrote about google ads , we described how Google adverts can be used to grow your business presence online. Today we break down  7 benefits your business will reap from using the Google AdWords advertising platform. 

7 benefits of using Google AdWords advertising platform

1. It grows your online visibility in a short period of time.

Running Google Adwords will get you faster results than endless hours, days, months and years of dedicated hard work spent on Search Engine Optimization. Both strategies enable your business website to gain more traffic and more relevant leads online with google AdWords being a much quicker, efficient and more reliable solution than SEO. Running Google ads will give a brand a better ranking and listing via google search engine results. This, in turn, makes your business more visible giving it more potential to gain a lot more visitors that can be converted into revenue-generating clients for your business.

2. Google Adwords is a very flexible tool to use.

With Google Adwords, an advertiser has the luxury to turn a google advert on and off at his or her own time of convenience with the simple click of a button. An advertiser can also choose multiple keywords to use at the same time. The advertiser can also create remarketing lists for website visitors who have visited the business website before or suppression lists for people or users that have never viewed his or her google adverts. Suppression lists make sure that only new leads are targeted. Advertisers also have control over their ad budget and advert expenditures which can be edited and changed in real-time with the ability for a user to pause marketing campaigns that are not performing to expectation. It is also easy to estimate and measure the number of users your adverts can reach and the cost that your business will incur from every visitor click or impression on your google ad.

3. It Increases brand awareness.

Google Adwords increases your brand’s visibility and presence on the google network through improving its search rankings with different keywords and local search ranking listing. Since Google Ads are also run through websites that are affiliated and signed up to the google ads network, it creates instant visibility and brand awareness for your brand. Adwords boosts traffic and increases conversion rates of your potential customers into revenue-generating clients. Research since the implementation of Google adverts in 2005 shows that brands that have used Google adverts have received an average brand lift and awareness increase of 6.6 %.

4. It provides the ability for your business or brand to reconnect with previous visitors of your website.

One of the great effects of using Google Adwords is that it gives brands and companies that run Google ads the ability to reconnect with previous visitors of their websites. This is possible through a Google Adwords feature called remarketing, where Google adverts run by a company target previous visitors of your company’s website with the aim of converting the potential leads that have been identified by the Google platform from your website to customers that can transact and offer revenue support to your business.

5. It is easier to measure the performance of your google adverts.

Using Google Adwords enables a brand or individual to consistently measure the performance of their Google ads online. Google Adwords enables its users to be able to determine and know where your brand's potential customers and leads are coming from online. Whether the traffic is mostly coming from your Facebook page, your company twitter handle, direct search or other online mediums like WhatsApp.You are able to determine how many leads your Google ad generated, the demographics of the viewers that clicked on your ad and the amount of traffic that your ad has generated. With Adwords advertisers are able to know which kinds of adverts are more appealing and effective, with all the data generated from their Google Adwords account.

6. It is cheap and effective.

Using Google AdWords is very cheap and effective compared to other traditional advertising platforms like television, newspaper, and radio. A budget that can start from as little as 1 dollar a day to whatever amount depending on the number of people they would like to reach.

7. It gives you an edge over your competition.

Google Adwords gives your business an edge over your competition since google will improve your search ranking and results listing. It will also make your brand more visible and more accessible compared to your competition. Being more visible than your competition gives you business more instantly and makes you stand out from competition that will have a lower rank and listing in google search results.

The benefits of using Google AdWords advertising platform to grow your business presence on the internet are far more reaching than the costs you will incur in running a campaign with Google Adwords. At campaign, we can provide you the necessary guidance on how best you can utilize Google AdWords to grow your business. So get in touch with us so that we can take your business digital marketing to the next level.