In today’s modern world people are having conversations with businesses and connecting with them using real-time messaging tools such as WhatsApp business, facebook messenger, website live chats and automated chatbots. Today conversations have shifted from newspaper tabloids, radio podcasts, banner, and outdoor marketing, television advertisement to digital marketing platforms and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp. The 21st century has seen the biggest online boom with billions of people now interfacing on the internet through its platforms thus making conversational marketing as a digital marketing strategy more important than it was in the past. 

Conversational marketing is the next big trend that focuses more on personalized engagement with the consumer with a 29% increased usage over the last few years since more people are using social media and artificial intelligence with a 26% increased usage in the business world. 86% of buyers on the internet today prefer businesses with interactive customer support, with 56% of businesses adapting to modern consumer behavior.

Today we discuss 6 reasons why conversational marketing is being used by successful companies since we already discussed in the previous article about conversational marketing, what conversational marketing is and which ways it can best be utilized in your business. 

Why conversational marketing is used by successful companies.

1. It creates a better human engagement experience.

Having a brand website or digital channel that utilizes conversational marketing tools like intelligent chatbots or live chat with your sales representatives creates a much better human engagement experience than that of a company website or company social media handle that doesn’t employ conversational marketing tools. Since feedback is in realtime and instant, it makes clients feel more secure and provides better customer care through a company’s digital channels.

2. Better customer insights and feedback.

Conversational marketing helps a brand or business learn more about its potential clients and leads, since it establishes a conversation between the business and the potential client or your customer better than any lead generation forms or recapture / registration forms that your company website would otherwise use. Conversations give better insights on your clients needs and wants, better than having ads running on your website that speculate the needs of your customers.

3. Businesses get to focus and convert better quality leads.

Research done by drift which is a conversational marketing application platform indicates that clients that utilize their platform and service generate 15% more leads through utilizing the conversational marketing strategy. The quality of leads generated is also high since the automated chatbots do a lot to initially find out what the potential customer may need in terms of sales or if the customer is just making an inquiry for support, or whether the customer may be completely interested in a service that the company does not offer. The artificially intelligent chatbots then sieve out these users to save time for the sales live chat team. This therefore makes it more efficient to convert more leads and spend more time on leads who are really interested.

4. It shortens the sales cycle of a business.

Conversation marketing shortens the lifespan of generating and converting potential leads into revenue-generating clients and providing better customer support through conversational marketing technologies. Automated chatbots, live chat with sales and support enables your business to cut costs and save plenty of time in communicating and servicing customers needs. Using inquiry forms and emails can involve waiting for days or even weeks to establish a proper communication channel with a potential client.

5.  It grows a company's sales through nurtured leads.

Considering the fact that conversational marketing leads to converting more leads, who are of high quality and are interested in the services your business offers. The strategy converts more leads into revenue-generating clients. It also saves a lot more time for the sales team and the customer since the conversations happen in real-time at the customers' convenience as long as the customer accesses and engages with the company’s digital channels. With this strategy, potential leads are nurtured into paying customers since the consumers will feel well attended to and not neglected.

6. It provides proactive customer support for businesses.

The conversational marketing strategy and tools make it easier for more and more potential customers, viewers, followers and fans of your business digital channels to effectively communicate with the sales, support and automated chatbots in real-time. This gives the customers an authentic one on one experience and good customer service that will make them keep coming back to the brand's digital channels due to the effectiveness of its digital channel and the amazing customer support from the live services.

Research has shown a 10 % increase in revenue in businesses that use automated lead management platforms within 6-9 months. We at campaign special in digital marketing, so if you would like us to assist you with implementing conversational marketing technology within your social media channels you can always contact us so that we can be of service.