Google Adwords has a number of great features that a number of businesses, brands, and individuals can use to grow their online visibility and convert more potential clients into a source of revenue for their businesses. Google adverts which is now present-day called Google Adwords is currently being used by millions of individuals and businesses all over the world and a good number in Uganda. In a previous article, I discussed how businesses can Incorporate google adverts in their business. In this article we list down 10 Google advert features your business should be taking advantage of to get ahead of the competition.

Top 10 Google Adwords features that your business should be taking advantage of 

1.Google AdWords Customer Match.

If your business is looking for potential clients that are interested in the goods and services that your business offers then the Google Adwords customer match feature will be a great tool to enjoy. The feature allows advertisers to match with potential customers based on the data advertisers have provided to Google. It also helps the advertiser to customize tailor-made ads for the potential customer based on the data available.

2. Reach Planner

If you are a video advertiser or your company prefers video campaigns you are going to definitely love this tool. The reach planner is used to forecast the extent and reach of a video ad across platforms like YouTube and different google video partners. It also allows the user to target an audience of a particular age, gender, country with specific niche interests. Statistics and metrics and outcomes of the ad can be viewed statistically through a reach curve that you will graphically show how many people and what age and demographic of people are using them.

3. Placement-targeted advertisements

Digital marketing, especially with social media and google, has become every advertiser's dream. With the ability for advertisers using these platforms to be able to target audiences according to their age group, gender, and location. Placement-targeted advertisement is a  feature that can be used with Google AdWords by advertisers to enter specific keywords, subjects, interests, and specific user demographic preferences. Google uses the advertiser’s preferences to places ads on relevant sites and related domain names within the Google content network. Google can also provide lists of similar websites and domain names of related sites in which the advertiser can place their ads where they will be able to capture potential clients and customers.

4. IP address exclusion

In my digital marketing experience, there is nothing that hurts more than investing in digital marketing adverts that get viewed by thousands of people only to get a minimal return on investment or no return on investment at all. It is true there are millions of internet users out there but are those users interested in your services or in buying what you have to offer, are those users even in a location that can enable them to access your products. Google adverts added a feature that could solve this conundrum called IP address exclusion. The IP address exclusion feature allows you to exclude IP addresses in destinations where you don’t want your advert to appear. For example, you can specify a google advert to be run in specific locations within a country for example like Uganda and exclude specific places that you do not want your advert to appear. E.g. if your advert is targeting holding an event in upcountry areas and towns like Mbale and Mbarara, you can specifically target google users in those locations and exclude areas far away from them like the capital Kampala, so that the advert is only viewed by users who are only in close proximity to where  the event will be taking place. This makes it more possible for your business to convert higher quality leads into buying customers and eventually save your sales team a lot more time in converting leads.

5. Remarketing

The ability to trace previous visitors of your website became possible with the introduction of a Google Adwords feature called remarketing. Remarketing is a Google AdWords tool that marketers can use to show users that have previously visited their website more advertisements of their goods and services in order to try and convert the potential customer into a client that can provide revenue to their business. The tool also ensures that the ad or campaign is optimized for the user so that it does not appear to be too repetitive. Suppression lists have also been added to google adverts to send out ads that are focused on users on the Google network that have never viewed any of your company’s google ads.

6. Google Click-to-Call

Imagine the possibility of your potential clients being able to make a phone call to your business after a google search related to your goods and services. The user enters the search query and your business information, contact and company phone number pops up in the search. That would be pretty amazing right. Well, guess what? You don’t have to imagine such a scenario in your mind anymore now that Google Adwords has added a feature that specifically does that called Google Click-to-Call. The Google’ Click-to-Call feature allows users and viewers on the google network to call advertisers directly from google search results without necessarily accessing the website of the advertiser. The feature can also be incorporated in advertiser websites to enable a google viewer or potential client to call the advertiser directly from their website the tool is supported by google ads. This will enable your business to be able to convert more interested potential clients into revenue-generating clients for your business.

7. Keyword Planner

When it comes to Search engine optimization and google search there are plenty of keywords for your business to choose from to try and make your website more visible to the millions of users in your country on the Google network. Some of the keywords are a bit difficult to choose from since some SEO tools can offer you only a limited range of keywords, while when running google adverts, the keywords options may prove too many for your marketing team to handle. Google AdWords introduced a feature called Keyword planner to help your marketing team to specifically handle all the possible keywords your marketing campaign could use to be more visible online. Keyword Planner is a Google ads feature that provides advertisers data on existing search queries and similar keywords and search terms that an advertiser can use to run a campaign. The Keyword planner provides ideas, metrics and statistical data on the performance of certain keywords that an advertiser would like to use. This makes your business or brand more visible to the millions of google network users online in your location and gives your business more potential to convert more potential clients into purchasing customers of your business.

8. AdWords Express

This is a great feature that makes it very easy for advertisers and first-time users to manage google adverts and campaigns. Google Adwords Express allows advertisers and businesses to manage keywords, campaigns and ad placements. This makes it simple for advertisers and first-time users of google ads to manage the advertising campaign they are planning on google. This feature also allows businesses without websites to direct potential customers to their google locations and online portfolios. This makes it easier for businesses without a website and first-time users of google adverts to be able to convert potential leads on the google network into revenue-generating clients for their businesses.

9. Google Ads Editor

This is a great user-friendly feature that allows advertisers to easily make changes to adverts. It also has a dashboard that shows advertisers the performance of the ad. This tool can be downloaded and used offline alongside google ads. It is a free feature.

10. Google Ads Manager Accounts

If your business is managing multiple google adverts at the same time, it can be a very tedious task. That is why Google developed an ad management feature to make running your google ads seamless and easy. This tool allows advertisers to monitor the performance of their google ads and the redirects made to their business website. It shows the statistical performance metrics of the ads and can also allow an advertiser to manage multiple google adverts for different websites that they manage. This makes it very easy for advertisers to be able to convert potential clients into revenue-boosting clients of your business.

At campaign, we would like your business to be able to optimize the use of these great google advert features and would be glad to offer our expertise in helping your business utilize some of these great google advert tools to boost your business marketing campaigns.