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As a  

digital marketing agency in Uganda

, we help individuals and organizations achieve success. Find out what we can do for you.

“We love Campaign™! Their team has been
instrumental to our company’s success.”

Stephen O’Connor

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Frequently Asked Questions

“What is Campaign™ and where is it found?

Campaign™ is Uganda’s leading digital marketing Agency with headquarters in Kampala. Our method of choice is inbound digital marketing . We are a distributed company which means most of our team works from home. This mode of operation allows for maximum productivity as we cut out time spent in travel and allow flexible working hours. It also allows us to hire and collaborate with experts from other parts of the world.

“Who will be working on my account from Campaign™?”

Who you work with will depend on how we’re supporting you, but we invite you to meet our diverse and passionate team of strategists, specialists, and experts.

“We need results quickly. Can Campaign™ help us?”

Yes, absolutely! We’ve helped a lot of companies get results quickly. But the best way for us to know if we can help you is to set up a conversation. Schedule time to talk.

“What are Campaign™’s full capabilities?”

There are a lot of ways we can support you; chat with us to earn more about what we can do for you.

“How will Campaign™ work with our internal marketing team?”

We specialize in working with small marketing teams of one to five people, where at least one person owns the marketing relationship with Campaign™. We aren’t a transactional, outsourced vendor. We complement your team, we support you how you need us to, and we work with you.

“What happens after I schedule a time to talk?”

First, you’ll meet with Marie, our client success specialist, who will have an initial conversation with you around your goals and how we can help. If we all are on the same page that the discussion will continue, you’ll meet with one of our client success managers — Nick, or Brooks — to dive more deeply into what you want to accomplish, what barriers to success are, and how Campaign™ can help you. After that, the rest is up to you!

“How is Campaign™ different from other inbound marketing agencies and HubSpot partners?”

First, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies just like yours — growth-oriented organizations with aggressive goals and small, but committed marketing teams. Second, we were named HubSpot’s 2017 Inbound Marketing Agency Partner of the Year. Since 2011, we’ve worked tirelessly to get great results for our clients, and that award is only the tip of the iceberg. Finally, and most importantly, we’re nationally recognized as a great place to work — and our people agree. At Campaign™, we not only attract and the best industry talent, we retain it. That means you’ll always have motivated, peak performers working hard for you.

We love helping businesses succeed with inbound. We're so grateful to call these companies our clients.

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